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Tsum Valley Trekking

This area of Tsum Valley is said to be a sacred Himalayan pilgrimage valley situated in northern Gorkha district of Nepal. Tsum comes from the Tibetan word "Tsombo" which means glowing. The trail heads up the valley of the Budi Gandaki River through wild and uncharted country occupied mainly by members of the Gurung ethnic groups. Good cup of the local cultivated natural coffee and Tatopani hot springs will be a good way to relax on this rigorous trial.

Upper Tsum valleys (part of the Inner Himalaya) open from Chhokangparo, where friendly local people (Tibetan group "Tsombo") welcome you with traditional Tibetan Chiya (butter tea) and local meal. The Tsum Valley is very rich in cultural resources. The valley is dotted with gompas (Buddhist monasteries), chortens and Mani walls. The longest Mani walls (over 250m) are at Dzong and Phurpe. The valley conserves steps of the great Buddhist Yogi Chyuchin Milarepa and story about Guru Padmasambhava circumbulation. The people here never butcher animals, even as sacrifice to the gods. The Tsum Valley is surrounded by the Buddha Himal and Himal Chuli to the west, Ganesh Himal to the south, and Sringi Himal to the North.

An Outline of your Itinerary
Day 01 : Arrive Kathmandu
Day 02 : From Kathmandu drive to Arughat Bazaar (8-9 hrs)
Day 03 : Trek Arughat to Soti Khola (6-7 hrs)
Day 04 : Trek Soti Khola to Machha Khola (6-7 Hrs)
Day 05 : Trek Machha Khola to Doban (6-7 hrs)
Day 06 : Trek Doban to Philim (6 hrs)
Day 07 : Trek Philim to Chumling (Lower Tsum) (7 hrs)
Day 08 : Trek Chumling to Chhokangparo (Upper Tsum) (5-6 hrs)
Day 09 : Trek Chhokangparo to Nile/Chhule, visit Milarepa Piren Phu Cave on the way (6-7 hrs)
Day 10 : Trek Nile/Chhule to Mu Gompa (3700 m), visit Dhephyudonma Gompa (4060 m) (4 hrs)
Day 11 : Extra day for excursion
Day 12 : Trek Mu Gompa to Rachen Gompa, visit Gonhgye Gompa (Nyigma-pa Buddhist sect) (5 hrs)
Day 13 : Trek Rachen Gompa to Dumje (6-7 hrs)
Day 14 : Trek Dumje to Philim (cross Ripchet) (6-7 hrs)
Day 15 : Trek Philim to Tatopani (6-7 hrs)
Day 16 : Trek Tatopani to Soti Khola (6-7 hrs)
Day 17 : Trek Soti Khola to Arughat Bazaar (6-7 hrs)
Day 18 : From Arughat Bazar drive to Kathmandu (8-9 hrs)
Day 19 : Depart Kathmandu

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