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  • Nepal is not only renowned for its land of mystique and diversity but also for its rich tapestry of cultural and festival celebrations that makes Nepal a place of unparalleled vibrancy. Indulge yourself in the heart of Nepal’s tradition as we explore the country’s colourful festivals. 

    Dashain: The victory of good over evil.

    Dashain is the longest and the most significant festival celebrated in Nepal. It unfolds joyous celebration of victory by goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasura. A 15 day’s long festival is celebrated together with families to elaborate the rituals, feasts and exchanging the blessings. During the dashain festivals, as people celebrate the bright spirit of solidarity, the skies are covered with kites of various shapes and sizes. 

    Tihar: The festival of Lights

    The festival of lights in Nepal is also known as Tihar, also referred as Deepawali. Spanning five days, each day is dedicated to honouring different animals, from crows and dogs to cows. On the fourth day of the festival, a Nepalese community known as “Newar” celebrates Mha:Puja. Mha: Puja means “worship of the self” in Newari and it celebrates the spirit within oneself. Laxmi puja, the final day of the festival, where homes are decorated with oil lamps and multicoloured rangoli that illuminates the entire country. 

    Holi: The festivals of colours

    Every spring, people all across the world celebrate the Hindu festival Holi by splattering coloured water and powders on one another in joyful celebration. Holi is marked as the arrival of spring. The air is filled with laughter and joy as people of all ages unites and join. 

    Indra Jatra: A kathmandu Excursion 

    A eight-day festival largely held in Kathmandu valley is referred to as Indra Jatra. Indra is lord of the rain whereas Jatra is known as procession. The celebration is honoured to Lord Indra, the god of rain. This event is an incredible cultural spectacle due to the bright processions, traditional dances such as Lakhe and Majipa Lakhe, and the display of the Kumari (the living goddess).

    Maghe Sankranti – Welcoming the Harvest Season

    Maghe Sankranti marks the winter peak and the start of longer, warmer days. Families come together to eat mustard seeds, Ghee-Chaku, and homemade desserts. Ritual bathing in holy rivers is thought to cleanse the body and soul, signifying the passage from darkness to light.

    Bisket Jatra: The Nepali New Year in Bhaktapur 

    Bisket Jatra, a bright and energetic New Year event, is celebrated with enthusiasm in the old city of Bhaktapur. The chariot parade of gods and goddesses through narrow lanes, accompanied by traditional music and dances, is the highlight. The mood is electric as residents and visitors alike gather to ring in the New Year in great style.

    Consider visiting Nepal during one of these captivating festivals as you plan your trip. You will not only see the grandeur of the country’s traditions, but you will also experience the warmth and hospitality that distinguish Nepal’s distinct cultural tapestry. Come join in the festivities and allow the spirit of Nepal’s festivals to leave an unforgettable impression on your vacation experiences.


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