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Mountain Biking in Nepal

Nepal is a tiny landlocked country with wide selection of the great adventure holidays. Nepal has a lot to offers; mountain biking in Nepal is one of many adventure activities which is challenging and pleasant scenic ride from the tropical plains of terai, mid-hills, mountainous terrain and its lush valleys to the arctic climate of the high alpine region. The only way to discover these hidden treasures and its warm ever-smiling people is on mountain bikes. Mountain biking is a great fun and a perfect way to discover Nepal's great diverse landscape, of tremendous terrain, tracks and trails. Where mountain bike takes you away from the hustle bustle of the city-town life into serene country life, on a hidden trail rarely visited area of local villages, its traditional rural life style that has preserved for centuries.

It was in the mid-1980s that biking activity really took off in Kathmandu. Enthusiasts flew with their bikes from Hong Kong to Tibet to answer the call of the wild steppes. The two-week journey from there over the passes (17,000 ft) to Nepal is what sparked it all off. Even today Kathmandu is a mecca for mountain bicyclists, as it draws thousands of enthusiasts from all corners of the world.

Scenic biking day tours: An introductory ride which takes you to explore the ancient rural villages, legendary temples and monasteries with the superb view of the Himalayas. Biking through the rural villages at the valley rim on the back trails with some ups and downhill tracks, these days biking trips give you sufficient time to immerse in its peaceful surrounding environment and make friends with the locals. The biking trips within Kathmandu Valley allows you to enjoy its hidden pockets rarely frequented by westerners which gives you a chance to see the other back side of Kathmandu. Other biking trips include City Tour with a difference biking to the famed popular historical and medieval places of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan, viewpoint of Nagarkot and Kakani, the quiet sleepy town of Sankhu and Budhanilkantha.

Western Nepal covering nearly one thousand sq. kt. It's flora and fauna resembles that of the better known Chitwan National Park , some interesting species can be seen more easily or only in Bardia. The park is multi faceted including sub-tropical forest swamp and grasslands, where over 350 species of birds, leopards, great one horned rhinoceros, swamp deer, black buck, wild elephant and smooth Indian others are dominant. Muger and Gharial crocodiles share the water with gangatic dolphins as well as several other species of reptiles, amphibians, insects and butterflies, Creatures you only dream of!!