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Restricted Area Trekking

Restricted area treks will provide you the chance to understanding mountains and cultures where the special permit is required to do this trekking. Generally in these routes we need to do a camping trek, as no lodge or tea houses on this route. In October 1991 the Government of Nepal announced the opening of some restricted area. You can't trek alone in this restricted area; you should be at least 2 people in the group.

There are several parts of Nepal into which the entry of foreigners is strictly controlled. Many treks that may be suggested on a map are in restricted areas and you either cannot get a permit for those regions or must pay for a special permit. Some areas specifically closed to foreigners. When you are planning to trek in restricted part of Nepal, always make sure that you have made the complete necessary requirement. The government restricts some areas because it doubts that it could give the security that trekkers need. There are also political reasons for some restrictions. In the 1970s, for example, the Jomsom trek was closed because a major foreign-aided military operation had been mounted there in support of the Khampas in Tibet.